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AllSafe Alarms is at the forefront in home and business security. We provide, install, maintain and repair alarm systems locally to safeguard you and your belongings. Get a FREE quote from one of our local alarm installation experts today. We install intruder alarms that are specifically designed to reduce the possibility of break-ins and comply with insurance company requirements. Locally, we can install and supply your intruder alarm system. We provide a wide range of services for alarm systems, including commercial and residential installation of burglar and fire alarms.

Security Alarm System Installation Near You

Based on the property risk, your insurance provider may ask you to get an intruder alarm. You may be required to install and maintain your alarm system by an NSI Gold- or Silver-approved company such as us. In addition, they might ask you for proof that it has been installed in accordance with their standards. Your insurer may allow you to get a discount if the alarm is installed correctly.

Alarm System Installation is able to help you prevent being one of these 900 homes or businesses burgled every month. Both commercial and residential customers can get reliable and affordable burglar alarms from our company to keep intruders out of their homes and businesses.

We only offer high-quality, reliable equipment at reasonable prices. So why should you look elsewhere? Feel free to contact us for any advice regarding choosing, installing, or maintaining your security system. We are here to fulfil our guarantee to you! We offer full Burglar alarm test services. We can design and install, maintain, test, and test many alarms systems to meet your needs. It is possible to design, install, and maintain burglar alarm systems in commercial or residential premises. There are many options for hard-wired systems. These range from basic 1 or 2 to advanced multi-zone systems. They include autodialers with multiple Passive Infrareds (PIRs), keypads and sounders.

Home Security Alarm System Installation Service Near You

Home burglaries are often a serious problem. Many people put their home on the market to move out. People can be ruined by it. The worst thing isn’t the destruction of their belongings. However, the fear that it could happen again is what causes most harm. It’s a common saying among people that they don’t think of getting a burglar alarm until their homes have been broken into. This statement holds a lot truth.

Wireless Technology

Owning a home is one of life’s greatest assets. Not only will your property protect you and your family, it will also protect the valuable items inside, many of them irreplaceable. Wireless radio alarm technology offers the best cost-effective solution to protecting a typical family home.

Modern wireless radio technology has enabled burglar alarm installers to create smarter, more affordable systems. Because the system does not have any internal wiring, it is very flexible. There are no ugly holes in walls or covers. It can also be removed easily when you move. Our customers have voted us one of the best alarm companies within North West in terms of our installation standards. An URN is required to receive a police response from your alarm system. This typically means that the alarm has been installed and maintained in accordance with SSAIB or NSI guidelines.

Wired Systems

Wired Alarm Systems have stood up to the test of time and AllSafe-Alarms continues installing them for home and business owners throughout the area. They are installed in new or renovated buildings. Because they support a greater variety and number of detection devices, wireless systems are often preferable to wireless systems in larger homes. It is not as simple as installing wireless alarms. The cables have to be run through walls or floors. Therefore, complex installations can prove costly. We’re happy and willing to offer advice and provide a quote on both types of alarms so you can decide which one is best for you.

AllSafe-Alarms install the latest wired alarms to ensure that our business is protected and our assets are safe. The systems are simple to use, and our burglar alarm installers work at a fair price. You can choose from three basic types of home security alarms: Each alarm serves the same purpose: to prevent intruders entering your home. Some have additional functionalities that will increase the cost of the system, such as installation.


They are the most common type of home alarms in the UK.


These alarms can be used to alert someone in an emergency. You, your family members, or colleagues could all be contacted.


Simply, smart burglar alarms work via an app and receive notifications from your phone. Similar to monitored burglar alarms they notify someone in case there is a break-in. They are often integrated with other smart devices like lights, CCTV cameras, and lights.

Installation Of A Fire,Smoke, And Carbon Monoxide Alarm Systems

One of our experts has access to a variety of security systems and can recommend and install a safety solution that is right for you. You can have us come and show. It makes sense to safeguard your valuable property, family and employees against fire. Many businesses are unable to recover after a fire, as people die and assets become lost. Our specialist can help assess the risks. They will assess your requirements and determine the most appropriate alarm solution to meet your fire safety goals. This could be just smoke detectors that are added to your burglary alarm system or it might be a complete fire alarm system with audio warnings on exiting the building.

We are a one of the top rated early warning alarm system installers across the local area, providing innovative products and services in security and fire management. Our services include installation, maintenance, and design of fire alarms as well as intruder alarms. We are happy to meet with you for a friendly discussion about how we could help with all your security and fire concerns. Our team will listen to what you need and help you feel confident and happy with our solutions.

A professionally installed alarm system acts as an effective early warning system if the worst should happen and enables a safe evacuation of all occupance of the property. The law imposes a duty on employers and home owners to ensure the system’s operation and complies with regulatory standards.

Intruder Alarm System Servicing Near You

All alarm system brands are covered by our specialists. In 99 percent of cases, a repair can be done successfully. We will also provide you with an estimate to replace your system if it is not possible.

Effective planned maintenance can lead to equipment that is not in good condition. Even minor problems could escalate quickly and cause major damage. To ensure that Fire and Security Systems are as safe as possible and continue to work years after their installation, our service and maintenance policies have been created. Our maintenance contracts cover repairs that are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. If it is not covered by our maintenance contract, repairs will be made during normal working hours.

We install and maintain burglar alarms, security systems all over the local area. It’s critically important that alarm systems are regularly serviced to ensure they function correctly at all times. Failure to conduct a regular service on your alarm can cause it to become forgotten and cease to function during the critical moments you need it. Sometimes, your insurance company will inform you of the maintenance requirements. If you do not know what they are, you can always review your documents before contacting a specialist. We service and maintain a number of different systems such as Honeywell Risco, Pyronix and Texecom. If you are looking to have your system serviced, please contact us.


To avoid the risk of invalidating your insurance policy, your insurance company may impose a requirement that your fire and smoke alarms remain in a good working order. This includes having the system installed and maintaining by a trained specialist. Luckily, one of the key services we offer local home and business owners is s regular or biannual maintenance visits which aims to prevent alarm systems from deteriorating and requiring repair.

24/7 Emergency Support

Our expert engineers will be able to provide 24/7 assistance to customers who enrol in our annual maintenance program.

Free Risk Assessment Surveyor Visit

Every building and every application are different so a fire detection system that is reliable and effective must be designed to meet these requirements. We send one of our trained technicians to inspect your property before any fire alarm system is recommended. Our survey will allow us to assess the condition of your fire alarm system. We will create a detailed survey report after the survey has been completed. This report will contain any suggestions for improvement.

Our team of highly qualified surveyors is available to give you a no-obligation quote and make sure that your property has the right alarm system. The security site survey is quick and easy to complete. Once completed, the surveyor will present you with a personalised quote to secure your home (there’s no obligation). We understand that protecting your family and business is your main concern.